Death & Dying Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This one day programme aims to examine working with people with learning disabilities who have to cope with loss and change, specifically as a result of bereavement. The programme also considers palliative care for people with learning disabilities, helping staff support those who are dying.

This will be achieved by:

  • Consideration of the impact of loss and change situations we have experienced;
  • The losses and change experienced specifically by many people with learning disabilities;
  • The challenges also faced by the families of service users;
  • The stages of the grieving process and an examination of why this might be more difficult for people with learning disabilities;
  • Supporting service users who have been bereaved;
  • Consideration of supporting service users who are terminally ill the challenges to services;
  • Examination of faith and planning for funerals;
  • The legal aspects and choice;

By the end of the session, participants will have gained an understanding in supporting customers who have been bereaved or who may be terminally ill.