Reminiscence, Life Work & Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for EMI Service Users Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, therapeutic interventions to promote mental well being for EMI service users will be examined.

Via a range of lecture, discussion and group work, we will:

  • Explore ways and techniques to support and improve the cognitive functioning of people living with dementia;
  • Promoting the emotional wellbeing of people living with confusion. This draws on our understanding of the progress of organic mental health problems and considers the potential for additional problems such as dementia;
  • Using group sessions with repetitive elements to reinforce memory and make links to the individual's emotional life;
  • Problems and pitfalls - the danger of presenting therapies in ways that might be patronising or distressing. Strategies for avoiding this;

By the end of the session, workers will have gained techniques for promoting cognitive stimulation therapies for older people living with a range of mental health problems.