Supported Lifestyles for People in Small Homes Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This one-day programme aims to help workers examine their role in supporting people with learning disabilities who live in small group homes. There are a number of challenges which present when living with a small group for workers and clients alike. Choices can be difficult to promote if there are dominant personalities. Routine, structure and order can be as great an enemy as in the big institutions.

This programme aims to identify strategies for supported lifestyles in small group homes that remain person centred and client focused. This will be considered within the context of wider service development for people with learning disabilities.


  • The fundamental principles of social care service delivery - countering the devaluing experience faced by clients from society at large.
  • Small group living as a model - its strengths, successes and unique challenges.
  • Choice, risk and responsibility. Power and control for tenants.
  • Isolation, integration or segregation. Positive perspectives on supported living.

By the end of the session, workers will have examined the principles, philosophies and values underpinning supported living and will have identified strategies for achieving the best for residents/tenants from this model of service delivery.