Working with People with Multiple Disabilities Training Course

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Sexual abuse is a particularly emotive subject, arousing strong feelings. It becomes especially challenging when perpetrators as well as victims are vulnerable adults. This workshop aims to examine supporting perpetrators who have sexually abused. Participants need to be aware that this subject matter is difficult. There is no intent for the content to cause offence and workers are requested to approach the workshop with an open mind.

This will be achieved by:

  • An examination of attitudes towards sex and violence in society;
  • Discussion exploring what is abusive sexual behaviour;
  • Defining the difference between abusive, unacceptable, acceptable and private behaviours and the dangers of staff disapproval of the latter;
  • Capacity to consent: has mental impairment impeded choice?
  • Motivation to abuse;
  • For and against: involving criminal justice. Taking responsibility and competing principles;
  • Consideration of strategies for prevention;

By the end of the session, participants will have explored many of the challenges encountered when supporting perpetrators of sexual abuse who are also vulnerable adults. They will have examined the main issues and will have considered how to encourage taking responsibility and the development of strategies for prevention.