Mental Capacity Act Awareness Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

(Level 1)

In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, this half day programme examines the requirements of all front line staff to take into account the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and its code of practice.

This Act has implications for every citizen but has particular relevance to Social Care and Health workers at every level. This programme considers the knowledge requirements for care assistants, home support workers, residential care workers, etc.

The aims of this programme will be achieved via lecture and case study material and will explore:

  • The Act's guiding principles;
  • Why capacity matters and how we have been assessing it already;
  • What the Act and the code of practice means for everyday care giving;
  • Best interests of individuals;
  • An overview of the main sections of the Act that could affect anyone (the Court of Protection, Advanced decisions and Lasting Powers of Attorney);
  • The code of practice and Safeguarding Adults - every worker's responsibility;

By the end of the session, workers will have gained an insight into the Mental Capacity ACT 2005, Its Code of Practice and their role in working within its requirements.