The Deprivation of Liberty Proposals Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This programme aims to explore the implications of the deprivation of liberty proposals introduced into the Mental Capacity Act 2007 through the Mental Health Act 2007 (s.50). The proposals will become a statutory obligation in October 2008 and this programme examines the key issues for practice in order to enable workers to ensure that their decisions and provision of services is compliant with the proposals.

This will be achieved by a mixture of lecture, discussion and group work and will:

  • Examine the Act's main principles with regard to the deprivation of liberty of proposals;
  • Consider the Deprivation of Liberty (DoL) proposals in detail with specific regard to their management; the 6 stage assessment; the roles and responsibilities within the proposals and the monitoring of their implementation;
  • Exploration of the issues for providers of services including reviewing provision to ensure person centred care that is the least restrictive option for service users’ liberty and freedom. This will also examine the issues for short break provision and the management of behaviours that challenge;
  • Discuss the governance of DoL; the role for commissioning and inspection and the evidencing of decisions;

By the end of this session, providers of care services will have gained an understanding of the implications for their agency/workplace of the Deprivation of Liberty proposals and will have started to examine ways of ensuring that their provision is the least restrictive option for their service users.