Caring for People Living with Dementia Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses


  • To understand what dementia is, its symptoms and its progress;
  • To apply the fundamental social care principles to the care of people living with dementia;
  • To consider the stages of the onset of the disease;
  • To examine strategies for supporting someone living with dementia;

This will be achieved in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and, via a combination of lecture, group work and discussion, the following material will be examined:

  • What is dementia?
    • An analysis of demographic indicators and the presentation of the condition via a quiz.
  • Can dementia be treated?
    • Support and the fundamental social care principle of respect for others.
  • The stages
    • Early, mid and late and the signs and symptoms of each.
  • Protecting vulnerable people living with dementia.

By the end of this day session, participants will have gained and insight into the signs and symptoms of dementia and will have begun to consider strategies for supporting this service user group.