Challenging Aspects within Mental Health Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, workers will explore the challenge of supporting older people with mental health problems as well as dementia type illnesses.

Using a range of lecture, discussion and group work, we will:

  • Discuss the normal processes of ageing
  • Examine disorders of ageing such as dementia which are organic mental health problems and depression which is a functional problem;
  • Mood and anxiety orders and other common mental health problems in later life;
  • Working with behaviours that challenge with dementia type illnesses;
  • Positive approaches to mental health and dementia for older people - interventions that empower and enable service users;

By the end of the session, workers will have gained an insight into some of the problems faced by older people with regard to dementias and mental health and will have started to identify strategies for positively supporting their service users.