Effective Communication for Social Work Practice Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This course aims to help social workers focus on their communication skills when building therapeutic relationships with people who use services. It will examine the role of the social worker in fostering and developing a way of engaging with service users so that both can work towards positive outcomes.

This will be achieved by:

  • Considering the role if the social worker, perceptions of the role and potential barriers to communication with service users
  • Exploring the building therapeutic relationships: the skills and attitudes that underpin effectiveness
  • Analysing person centred working
  • Examining how social workers capture service user in-put in a way that is respectful of the person's wishes whilst balancing the risks their choices may present
  • Exploring issues of capacity and unwise decisions and their place in the social work conversation

By the end of this session, Social Workers will have explored the skills for working effectively with service users. It is expected that this will be re-visiting practice skills with the opportunity to explore and practice in a safe place so that workers can ‘rehearse’ situations that cause them difficulty.