FACS & Risk Management Awareness Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This one day programme aims to examine risk assessment and management for Fair Access to Care Services; the eligibility and legal foundation for the criteria and the 'Putting People First' recommendations which underpin Personalisation and the future direction of care services.

This will be achieved by:

  • Exploring the origin and implications of the FACS criteria in terms of Human Rights legislation and Community Care law.
  • Eligibility as risk to independence and how this is translated into need.
  • The professional responsibility of the worker in applying the FACS criteria.
  • The eligibility criteria in detail and its place in the Personalisation agenda.
  • Current case law underpinning FACS, direct payments and individualised budgets and the myths of personalisation.
  • Assessing for the eligibility criteria.
  • Understanding risk in the context of FACS, Best Interests decisions and the Mental Capacity Act.
  • Using theoretical frameworks to evidence decision making in the risk assessment process for FACS.

By the end of the session, workers will have an understanding of the FACS criteria and it assessment; the management of risk and its assessment against the criteria and the personalisation agenda which will spearhead the future direction of social care and the professional's role.