Promoting Diversity, Equality & Anti-Discriminatory Practice Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, participants examine and explore some of their own attitudes, beliefs and emotions towards the promotion of equality of opportunity, respect for diversity and the development of anti-discriminatory practice.

This will be achieved via a mix of lecture, group-work, discussion and video and the topics covered include:

  • Who stays-who goes: a group exercise examining the judgements we make about the value of society members;
  • What is an attitude?
  • Definitions of prejudice, stereotype, discrimination and oppression with group discussion;
  • A class divided - video examining the emergence of prejudice;
  • Groups in society who experience prejudice and discrimination and the effect that such attitudes have on them. The implications of multi-culturalism;
  • Ways in which we have been personally and socially discriminated against;
  • The '-isms' - discussion of prejudice plus power;
  • Cultural difference and cultural enrichment - the challenges of misunderstanding;
  • Combating discrimination in the workplace with the promotion of equality, confidentiality, beliefs and preferences, choice and positive communication;

By the end of the session, participants will have begun to examine and challenge some of their long established negative beliefs in order to promote positive practice.