Supporting Positive Behaviour Training Course

Health & Social Care Training Courses

This two day programme aims to help participants to examine ways in which individuals who present with behaviours that challenge services can be positively supported.

This will be achieved by:

  • Examining the nature and extent of challenging behaviours which present across a wide range of care settings and contexts.
  • Understanding the causes of challenging behaviour: using research based evidence to explain their origin in order to identify strategies for either managing or changing their nature, frequency or duration.
  • Exploring risk mitigation. This will examine recent Department of Health guidance on assessing and managing risk (for example, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, Independence, Risk Choice) to support workers with a framework for recording support plans.
  • Consideration of the risk relationship: The nature of the activity; the capacity of the individual; their capabilities; the circumstances in which the activity takes place and the trade off for the individual concerned.
  • Recognition of the need for accountability and transparency, positive approaches and robust decision making for positive work with people with challenging behaviours.

By the end of the programme, participants will have had the opportunity to examine in depth, ways of working positively with people whose behaviour challenges and how to evidence their practice support plans and decisions.